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OIKOPOLIS  |  Studio offered to Level 3 students studying Architecture at CEPT University.

The studio explores the architects role in urban housing. 


The 5 year professional B.Arch program at CEPT University is structured in three stages -

The Common Foundation Program in year 1 which is common across the University,

Level 2 in years 2 and 3 which focuses on ‘how to put a building together’/ ’components of architecture’, and

Level 3 in years 4 and 5 which focuses on the influence of various aspects of context on design decisions and developing positions. 


OIKOPOLIS, is a studio offered to Level 3 students studying Architecture at CEPT University that inquires into questions of Urban housing in the Indian context. 


The term 'OIKOPOLIS' is taken from Aristotle who describes 'oikos' as the private realm where families organize themselves and 'polis' as the public realm where people take decisions pertaining to collective action. This L3 studio explores the changing meaning and relations between the 'oikos' and the 'polis' in a fast changing world.


The first version- Oikopolis: at home in the city was conducted in monsoon 2018 and explored this through a large housing redevelopment project in Ahmedabad. 


Oikopolis II: attack of the clones builds on the learnings from the first episode. The structure of the studio and exercises have been modified to gear students towards a decisive and agile design process. 

Oikopolis III: Rise of the Cooperative was conducted in Monsoon 2020. 

Oikopolis IV: A New Hope was conducted in Monsoon 2022. 

Oikopolis V: The Architect Strikes Back was conducted in Monsoon 2023.

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