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28 Day Project


Residents of Shanti Apartments are looking for a developer in order to redevelop their buildings.  DNS developer had already submitted a proposal but it didn't go through. Now a developer has come to you to propose a design for the same. The Gujurat Housing Board built this building society was built in the 1970s of the MIG type. Residents have made many changes to the original design by extending their apartments and some even adding an entire bay to their apartments such that very little of the original form is still visible. The allowable FSI for the plot is 1.8 + 0.9. 


Site plan [ground floor]
All level floor plans
All unit plans
Carpet, built up and super-built up Area calculations


28 days

Final Project details-3.jpg

Residents of Shanti Apartments have made many changes to the original apartment and the current carpet area of the apartment with additions is 52 sq. foot area. 

A site plan of the entire layout built by the Gujurat Housing board. 

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