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An overhead water tank came crashing down on 24th August 2017 at Ekta Apartments, Shastri
Nagar [linked article below]. Shaken by this occurrence, 72 home owners decided to redevelop Ekta apartments.

The new rule of 4 F.S.I. near transit corridors has allowed them to finance the reconstruction through sale of extra flats. The project is under the auspices of the affordable housing mission and will be done through a PPP model. The original scheme had stilt parking in half the block and shops in the rest that faced the internal road. There were 4 houses to a floor. The approximately 80 RERA carpet houses had 2 bedrooms with 1 attached and 1 common bathroom. 

A 14 storey tower block type is already under construction [refer current proposal below]. Suggest a better alternative for the same. 

Consider site area to be 6500 


Site plan [ground floor]
All level floor plans
All unit plans
Carpet, built up and super-built up Area calculations
Progress documentation at 60 minute intervals

24 hours

Site_T4 2 .jpg


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