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  • Niravkumar Patel

Mid-semester session with Dhaval Gajjar

While designing a building as an architect, one must be thinking about also the practical concerns concurrently. In some aspects of a building, architect will have to negotiate with the developer to ease the selling part of the units of a housing society. Dhaval Gajjar, a practising Architect at Jagrut & Partners, have done an analysis on Area distribution of Ahmedabad. Which helps to divide and design spaces according to the area which they obtained from the analysis. It also suggests the minimum and maximum area of primary spaces of a housing society. For example, In Naranpura majority queen bedroom sizes are of X.YZ m2. These numbers help while assigning areas to the required spaces so that if any portion of area is less or to play with, then designer can take a call where to add that portion among the required spaces. As he is practicing in Housing, he talks about the negotiations which always happen because of regulations and between the Architect and developer. Negotiations majorly in terms of cost, therefore several design decisions get compromised but as architects they must get used to work in this field by doing smart work through their design so that nothing get compromised in terms of the quality of design. Sometimes, repeating a design becomes an ego issue therefore they prefer a new design every time they get a new project. The question that raises is, if a design or design strategy had worked out before, then why not to use the same again. There is a matter of innovation and variations at urban level but sometimes you must set a priority. A different topic was raised about quality of a building, that do Architects or Developers ask their clients weather they are having a nice experience or not in the building they are provided. There should be a ‘Suggestion book’ which architects should be having it to see the building which they built from clients’ perspective.

Architecture in an Architect’s life is subjective for each of them. Dhaval believes that Architects need fuel for Architecture in their lives. Vishwanath Kashikar, Professor at CEPT University, adds to the discussion that Norman Foster was fond of Flying. Norman is a great architect and have a licence of pilot. He likes to fly microlights. In Architecture, he tries to find the level of experience as much as he has in flying. Thus, Understanding and dealing with reality is totally a different phase in Architecture when one actually starts working on field/site.

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