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Preparations of Time Problems:

2nd September, 2019

While doing the preparations of time problems, if someone is making plans or layouts of some space so that they can later incorporate that in their design in a quick way, they have to keep in mind the difference between a layout and a configuration.

When we design a ramp or a parking area, the things which have to be kept in mind are where to put it, how it ends, the corners, turns or edges of these space etc. Also in high rise buildings the structural grid is much more important so that has to be resolved as well. One challenge can be how to fit in a toilet or other small spaces in a parking grid. Also providing natural light and ventilation also becomes challenging in a space below the ground or a basement. A good parking should have some good experience inside. After parking the vehicles, people tend to walk back to the main building so pedestrian access should be considered while designing of a parking space as well.

While designing a security cabin, some important things to be taken care of are toilet for the guard or a changing room and the eating spaces for lunch or dinner break. What is the relationship of a road and an entrance with the security cabin, which also shapes up its design. Some more things to be accounted are the visitors’ waiting, toilets for them or the workers in the building. Also if there is a garden, the gardener would need a chowkdi space to wash or put his gardening equipment.

Garbage disposal is a very essential and important in a building. While designing a garbage disposal area, we have to think about its access to the road, drainage system to wash that area as it tends to get dirty time to time, steps or ramps for garbage collection etc. When the garbage is collected, the smell of it is horrible so we have to deal with that also which can be dealt with in form of plantation of tees or plants next to the garbage collection area.

What kind of trees should be planted in a housing complex becomes very important as the different characteristics of different trees can help in designing and creating a familiar and pleasant environment. While planting the trees, the average lifespan of a tree or the types of trees can be taken into account.

The requirement perspective and the design perspective should be well thought of while designing and of the above space.

When a housing apartment has the commercial functions on the ground, the parking of these shops, standard shop sizes, the structural grid has to be well taken care of. For that one should be aware of standard shop sizes and designs for shops like laundry, electrical shop or a tailoring shop.

The functions which can be accommodated on the common ground space are children’s play area or community activity area like a hall or a gathering space for community activities or private functions which involves public.

Under the stilt there are mandatory spaces or functions like letterboxes, lockers, manhole, underground water tank which should be designed properly.

When designing of a toilet, a cupboard right outside or inside the toilet is needed. The light, ventilation and possible a view is also needed in a good toilet design. An entrance vestibule or a kitchen platform design variations should be prepared as well.

So basically, in this lecture while discussing the students work for the preparations of the time problem, we found out much more about it which was later implicated in the preparation of time problem exercises.

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