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Jaya Khurana

Time Problems




Motion and Emotion in Housing

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The studio gave me the opportunity and freedom to actually do what I really want to do because of the studio structure. For instance, all the exercises were not elaborated enough every time and were open to expectations and open to interpretations. I think what it is that is beyond the studio for me was getting to know myself as much as getting to learn how to deal with real-life complexities in the field of architecture. I also thoroughly enjoyed the common discussions (especially book readings) about what is a home and various other aspects related to a home which sometimes we miss out in other studios like that and isn’t given as much importance I feel maybe because it is seen as ‘just talking’ and not ‘doing’ anything. Considering the fact that this is to some extent my last studio design studio that I am attending, I think they were many things that I learnt considering what I expected from L3 another same time I think there are so many things that I got to unlearn and learn in a new way. Overall it was a very fulfilling experience of learning. The studio helped me understand the value of time and to look at design as a process of creation in time and not just a state of mind.


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