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Students chose a topic of concern and will be unpacking questions for discussion during the seminar. The presentations that they put together can be accessed on this page. 

Oikopolis Seminar & Discussion
Session 1: Bane of the Banal
HOUSING METAMORPHOSIS_Final Presentation_Aanchal Tejwani_Page_03.jpg

Housing Metamorphosis

Aanchal Tejwani

Divija_scroll 3.jpg

Meaning of Banal

Divija Patel

Deconding Facades_Swar_UAR20219_Seminar_Upload_Page_15.jpg

Decoding Facades

Swar Solanki

Uniques buildings_Pushpendra_seminar_Page_23.jpg

Unique Residential Buildings

Pushpendra Dudhat

Session 2: Flexibility & Variation
Santhan _ Flexibility in Housing_Page_06.jpg

Flexibility in Housing

Kerlepalli Naga Sai Santhan

How do you stack_Isha Mahajani_Seminar_Page_09.jpg

How do you Stack?

Isha Mahajani

Session 3: Neighborhood & Community
Residential Open Spaces_Bhavana_Mid Sem_Seminar_Page_01.jpg

Residential Open Spces


Bhavana Vishwanathan

Interstitiality_Simran_Seminar Presentation_Page_15.jpg



Simran Mashruwala

What is a balcony_Adhrita_UG190032_Seminar_Page_43.jpg

What is a Balcony?


Adhrita Roy


Housing- A Process


Eyaleigai Vivekandan

Session 4: Issues
Environmental Sustainability_SanjanaPDF_Page_27.jpg

Environmental Sustainability


Sanjana Chaturvedi

Neerja_Prefabricating A Home_Page_01.jpg

Prefabricating a Home

Neerja Joshi

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